We are a Canadian warehouse discount outlet that has been in business roughly 5 years. We work with major online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond and Groupon. We buy massive shipments roughly every 2 weeks with all different unprocessed inventory. Our staff meticulously test and inspect each item then pass on the savings to our valued members.

We receive a wide range of conditions ranging from Brand New, New Open Box, New Distressed Box, New No Box, Store Demos, Like New Buyer Remorse Store Returns/Lightly Used.

Many items we open the package to ensure there was no damage caused from the shipment or previous storage.   We pride ourselves on being as accurate and honest as we can when describing the condition of each of our items. This goes hand-in-hand with our 7 day warranty on all of our inventory sold for anything we might have missed in the inspection process.

Our pricing is based off the cheapest, current (in stock!) Canadian pricing from verified retailers (we do not compare prices with eBay or lesser known 3rd party sellers).  Discounted prices are offered based off condition of the item as well (for example, even if two items are brand new but one is factory sealed and the other is open box – you may see a price difference.)  Sometimes market prices fluctuate and ours will go with it; however, dealing with thousands of SKUs is difficult to keep up with on a daily basis so if you see a price that has lowered on our provided retailer link or another approved source – let us know and we’ll adjust the price accordingly for you!

Due to the nature of our business – we do not always control what comes in our shipments so if there is a specific item you’re looking for feel free to let us know and we can compile a wishlist for you and let you know as soon as an item you’re looking for comes in.